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How do I prepare for my Indian Hindu wedding?

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Preparing for an Indian Hindu wedding can be an exciting and joyous experience. It involves various rituals, ceremonies, and customs.

Indian wedding preparations usually start several months in advance and involve a lot of planning and coordination. The ceremonies usually begin with the engagement ceremony where the bride and groom exchange rings and families exchange gifts with help from the wedding priest/Hindu wedding priest in London.

The pre-wedding ceremonies include Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, and others. Haldi involves applying turmeric paste to the bride and groom’s bodies to purify and cleanse them. Mehendi involves applying henna designs on the bride’s hands and feet. Sangeet is a musical evening where family and friends come together to sing, dance and celebrate. Nowadays groom is also applying henna just the name of his partner.

Here are some steps to help you prepare for your Indian Hindu wedding:

Hindu wedding preparation:

1) Set a Budget:

Determine your Hindu wedding budget and decide how much you are willing to spend on different aspects of the wedding, such as venue, decorations, attire, food, and other expenses. because a Hindu wedding is generally 3 days ceremony so you need to plan accordingly.

2) Find a Wedding priest:

Find a Hindu wedding priest who is experienced in conducting Hindu weddings in the UK and is familiar with the local laws and regulations, he must speak in English if you are having a non-Indian guest.

3) Wedding Dates:

In Hindu weddings, auspicious dates are considered important. Consult with a Hindu priest/wedding priest to find suitable dates for your wedding.

4) Guest List:

Create a guest list by including close family members, friends, and relatives. Discuss with your partner and families to finalize the number of guests you want to invite.

5) Wedding Venue:

Choose a venue that can accommodate your guests comfortably. It could be a traditional wedding hall, a banquet hall, or even an outdoor location. Book the venue well in advance.

At a Hindu wedding, it is a Ritual to have an open fire or havan at the mandap. Some of the venues may not be open to a ceremonial fire. Certain wedding venues do not allow flame because of the fire code. Other venues have time restrictions. Make sure to discuss the traditions of your wedding with the venue coordinator in advance before proceeding with the booking.

6) Wedding Planner:

Consider hiring a wedding planner to assist you with the various arrangements and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

7) Wedding Invitations:

Design and print wedding invitations that reflect the theme and style of your Hindu wedding. Include all the relevant details like date, time, and venue information.

8) Rituals and Ceremonies:

Hindu weddings involve several pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding rituals. Familiarize yourself with these rituals and discuss them with your family and the wedding priest who will officiate the Hindu wedding.

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9) Wedding Attire:

Select your wedding attire, as well as attire for the immediate family members. For the bride, this may include a traditional red or other colored saree or lehenga, while the groom typically wears a sherwani or a traditional outfit.

10) Jewelry and Accessories:

Choose appropriate jewelry and accessories to complement your attire. Traditional jewelry like mangal sutra, bangles, earrings, and rings are commonly worn.

11) Decorations:

Plan the decorations for the venue, including mandap (wedding altar), stage, entrance, and seating arrangements. Decide on the color theme, flowers, and lighting.

12) Catering and Food:

Finalize the menu with a caterer who specializes in Indian cuisine. Consider different food options, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and any specific dietary requirements of your guests.

13) Photography and Videography:

Hire professional photographers and videographers to capture the special moments of your wedding. Discuss your preferences and any specific shots you want to be included.

14) Makeup and Hairstyling:

Book a professional makeup artist and hairstylist for the bride and other family members. Schedule a trial session before the wedding to ensure you are satisfied with the look.

15) Wedding Favors:

Select and arrange wedding favors or small gifts for your guests as a token of appreciation for their presence.

16) Music and Entertainment:

Plan the music and entertainment for various ceremonies, including hiring a DJ or a live band if desired. Prepare a playlist of your favorite songs and songs requested by family members. If you are looking for the best wedding music in the UK then contact Naina Music: +44 7950572985

17) Marriage License:

Make sure to obtain the necessary marriage license and complete all the legal requirements as per your country or state’s regulations.

18) Rehearsals:

Conduct rehearsals for the wedding ceremony, especially if there are specific rituals or customs that need practice.

19) Wedding Day Timeline:

Create a detailed timeline for the wedding day, including the schedule of events, arrival times of different parties, and any specific instructions for the vendors.

20) Wedding Gifts:

Decide on the gifts you would like to give to each other, as well as gifts for close family members and friends.

21) Relax and Enjoy:

Remember to take breaks and relax throughout the wedding preparation process. It’s important to enjoy the journey and cherish the special moments leading up to your big day.

Indian weddings are a unique experience that brings together families and friends to celebrate the union of two individuals. The rich culture and traditions make it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Remember that traditions and customs may vary based on regional and cultural differences within India. It’s always a good idea to consult with family members, elders, or a wedding planner who can provide guidance and assistance based on your specific cultural background and preferences.

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