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Griha Pravesh Puja

The event of one’s first entry into a new house should do Griha Pravesh for a better future in the house with the help of Hindu priest services for housewarming. Once the home is ready, the family moves in on a fortunate day that is determined by the astrological charts by a Hindu priest. Clarity of panchang (almanac) and fortunate time (muhurta) must be considered in the Griha Pravesh. Hindu priest for housewarming, Hindu priest Uk for house warming Ketul Joshi also provides this Hindu priest service. Hindu priest plays the main role in griha Pravesh puja as a Hindu priest has a blessing from God to do all Hindu rituals work, so you will get blessings from Hindu priest and god.

In housewarming, First of all, keeping in mind the day, date, wise, and constellation for home entry, the date and time of house entry are decided. It is very important to take care of the auspicious time for home entry. Know the method of worship from your pandit and also fix the date with the Hindu priest. Griha Pravesh takes place with worship, fasting, and chanting of mantras. 

Before coming to the new house, worship the house entrance, and know what is the importance if you are looking for the best Hindu priest for grih Pravesh puja then contact Hindu priest Ketul Joshi: +44 079 0373 5365.

It is believed that entering a home during an auspicious time, makes life easy and there will be a minimum struggle for the family, after moving into the new house. The most favorable days for such muhurtas are Vasant Panchami, Akshaya Tritiya, Gudi Padwa, and Dussehra (also known as Vijayadashmi) like Uttarayana, Holi, Adhikmas, and Shraddha Paksha are to be avoided.

When you enter for the first time any house you own or rent, then you must follow some rules and rituals. Your first entry into any house is the entrance of the house, so you must know the things related to the house’s entrance because these things are related to the happiness, peace, and prosperity of your house. There are many hopes and expectations while entering a new place, or a new house, so God’s cooperation is necessary for these expectations to come true. Let us tell you about some important things related to home entry so that the new house is auspicious, progressive, famous, happy, prosperous, and good fortune.

A housewarming performed on Dussehra does not even require an auspicious time, as every moment of this day is considered auspicious. Before the griha Pravesh, a Kalash pooja is usually performed.

Three types of Griha Pravesh have been stated in our antique scriptures: hindu priest for housewarming

Apoorva (New) Griha Pravesh should perform when one takes first entry to a newly built house on a particular property.

Sapoorva Griha Pravesh should be done when one takes entry into an existing house after traveling abroad or migrating.

As soon as one takes entry into a house after refurbishment or renovation consequent to damage because of fire, flood, or earthquake is named dawah (Old) Griha Pravesh.

For Apoorva Graha Pravesh, the exact auspicious time needs to be followed. For Apoorva Graha Pravesh or dwandwah Graha Pravesh, the clarity of the panchang should be given due to consideration.

Vastu Puja

Vastu Shastra is a conventional Indian system of architecture (precisely translating to “science of architecture”) that helps in attaining happiness, prosperity, mental peace, and harmony in-home and workplace. It involves a scientific study of directions using the combination of the five elements of nature (fire, water, earth, and air, and space) to create a balance between humans and nature and pave the way for happiness, good health, wealth, and prosperity. 

This science sets out certain rules and regulations regarding the architecture and construction of residential or commercial

buildings. The five elements or the “Paanchbhootas” are utilized by the study of Vaastu Shastra to eliminate the troubles of human beings in homes or offices by changing the interior and exterior structural configurations. Vastu Shanti Puja forms an integral part of Vastu Shastra as it purges a home or an office of negative or bad impacts caused by evil energies or faults in construction.

Vastu is a place where nature and human beings live together in harmony. Vastu Shanti Puja, also known as Vastu Dosh Nivaran Puja, brings a striking balance between both of them by removing all the hurdles or negativities present in the environment and preventing unforeseen destruction and misfortune to finally improve the Vastu of a place. The puja is performed to appease Vastu Devta to seek his blessings and bless one’s home or workspace with prosperity and harmony.

Vastu Puja is also conducted to reduce the harmful impacts of the Vastu Dosha caused by the construction faults in the Vastu of a place and to maintain a balance between the eight directions and the five elements of nature. People worship Vastu Purush or Vastu deva on several occasions such as land worship, Griha Pravesh, door installation, well mining, foundation laying, foundation mining, and others. for Vastu puja, you can call to Hindu priest UK Ketul Joshi Maharaj, who will guide you and help you more.

Why do we need a Hindu priest for grih Pravesh puja?

A Hindu priest will help you, and guide you, with any questions or problems Find the solution, Anything you wish is good for your family.  A Hindu priest will guide you on Which puja ceremony to do. A good Hindu Priest(Ketu Joshi UK) helps you in so many ways in your life. Start from family planning until we passed away. Funeral service then 12/13 days ceremony, Then asthi visarjan ceremony to do. But you need a very good and honest Hindu priest who can guide you properly according to the dharma. That’s why We need a Hindu priest for any religious ceremony and for good Blessings. To know more about Griha Pravesh: housewarming ceremony tips for your new house

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