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Nava Griha Puja

‘Nava’ means nine & ‘Graha’ means planets. As per Vedic Astrology, there are nine planets that influence our lives. According to the great Indian Priest Ketul Joshi, “Man is born on that day and that moment when his individual fate is in perfect mathematical harmony with the progress of the stars in heaven”. The Conclusion of good or bad things of one’s life and the time of their effectiveness depends on how the planets are located in one’s horoscope at the time of birth. Some planets are well placed and some are badly placed in each horoscope.

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During the period of our life, we go through achievements and disappointments, happiness and troubles in numerous phases of life in different time slots in varying degrees. Conflagrations of certain planetary give rise to strong bad effects which are known as “Doshas”.

As per “Nava Graha Doshas” individuals fall into sadness and certain low moods. This low period may last for some period based on the power of the planet. However, this can be averted with intelligence. Connecting to the cosmic intelligence to avert any hindrances in life and to bestow tremendous peace and success in life, Navagraga Pooja is conducted.

The Vedic scriptures and the astrology scriptures prescribe various poojas to ward off the negative influence of the planets and to improve the benefic effects.

Our Promise as a hindu priest :

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The Nava Griha Puja is performed in the prescribed manner with the Nava Dravyas of the 9 planets. Navagraha Sooktam is recited and 108 Namavalis of all the 9 planets are recited. This puja is performed by 2 pundits.

Benefits of each planet

  1. Worship of the Sun(Surya) promotes strength and courage, dominance over enemies, success and renown, health and prosperity, and relief from chronic diseases.
  2. Worship of the Moon(Chandra) is immensely beneficial for mental peace, charming personality, excellent control over emotions, wealth, fame, and success in life.
  3. Worship of Mars(Mangal) offers magnificent health, wealth, power, and prosperity in life and alleviates the chances of accidents, robberies, fatal attacks, and imprisonment.
  4. Worship of Mercury(Budha) grants wisdom, commercial success, and growth, wealth, relief from diseases related to the nervous system and body functions.
  5. Worship of Jupiter(Guru) purifies negative and bad emotions and gives virtuous strength and valor. Other things boosted by this puja are health and longevity, high education and philosophical skills, wealth and fortune, progeny-related blessings, and religious tendencies.
  6. Worship of Venus(Shukra) blesses good and strong love and relationships, the longevity of life, wealth and affluence, advancement in education and art, eminence in media. lovely children, and well-rounded domestic happiness.
  7. Worship of Saturn(Shani) promotes mental peace, health and happiness, and prosperity, and is very instrumental for reducing the intensity of hardship caused by adversities.
  8. Worship of Rahu(Dragon’s Head) offers longevity of life, enhancement of power, deep and discerning understanding of things, and high social reputation.
  9. Worship of Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) promotes health, wealth, luck, domestic happiness, and well-rounded prosperity of the devotee, and reduces the chances of loss of property and death caused by poisonous substances.

It is believed in Hindu mythology that planets and stars cast their influence on human beings. All the planets or Nava grahas move relatively and the stars are fixed in the zodiac. The planets are Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Rahu (north lunar node), and Ketu (south lunar node).

Astrologers ( Hindu priest ) claim that planets or grahas affect the energy bodies or auras and minds of all beings on the earth. Each Graha casts its influence at the time of their birth and continues till they live on earth. It is mentioned in scriptures and astrological references.

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