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Hindu wedding saptapadi – seven vows

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In a Hindu wedding ceremony, the Saptapadi is a significant ritual that involves the bride and groom taking seven vows while walking around the sacred fire. Each vow represents a promise they make to each other for a lifelong partnership.  In Indian/Hindu wedding rituals weddings saptapadi Each of these saptapadi seven rounds stands for a vow or promise that the bride and groom make toward each other.

So, here we are to tell you the meaning and significance of this Hindu wedding saptapadi 7 vows of marriage or saat phere that bind the couple together for eternity.

In the Hindu wedding saptapadi vows may vary based on regional customs and personal preferences, but here is a common set of Saptapadi vows:

Here Are What The 7 Vows Of Marriage Signifies And Symbolizes:

1) 7 Vows Of Hindu Wedding Saptapadi: 1st Phera Signifies – Nourishment

Guide by Hindu wedding priest

Groom: “Om Esha Ekapadi Bhava Iti Prathaman”

This means that the groom promises that he would provide happiness, nourish and bring food to the table.

Guide by Hindu wedding priest

Bride: “Dhanam Dhanyam Pade Vadet”

In response, the bride promises to take care of the household whilst sharing the groom’s responsibility unitedly.

The first phera signifies the bride and groom’s willingness to bring prosperity to their lives while fulfilling their respective responsibilities.

2) 7 Vows Of Hindu wedding Saptapadi: 2nd Phera Signifies – Strength

Guide by wedding priest

Groom: “Om Oorje Jara Dastayaha,” said by Hindu wedding priest

The groom seeks from God the physical and mental strength to face life’s challenges. He also promises to support his wife in the ups and downs that life puts them through and ensures to protect their house, family, and children.

Guide by Hindu wedding priest London

Bride: “Kutumburn Rakshayishyammi Sa Aravindharam”

In response, the bride ensures that she will be by his side to encourage him in all his endeavors. Also, in return, she asks the groom to love her solely.

In the second phera the couple prays to God for physical and mental strength to lead a blissful life.

3) 7 Vows Of Hindu wedding Saptapadi: 3rd Phera Signifies – Wealth and Prosperity

Guide by a Hindu priest

Groom: “Om Rayas Santu Joraa Dastayaha”

The groom promises to work to ensure that he brings prosperity to his family and provides good education to our children. He also promises to be faithful to his wife and lead a spiritual life.

Guide by the priest for wedding

Bride: “Tava Bhakti as Vadedvachacha”

The bride promises that she will wholeheartedly love him and will be devoted to their family and every other man in her life will be hereon secondary to her.

In this phera, the couple asks God to bless them with the abundance of everything that they need to live a comfortable and prosperous life.

Hindu wedding saptapadi - seven vows-wedding priest - Hindu wedding -wedding priest - wedding priest london - www.hindupriestketuljoshi.co.uk

4) 7 Vows Of Hindu wedding Saptapadi: 4th Phera Signifies – Family

Guide by Hindu wedding priest

Groom’s Promise: “Om Mayo Bhavyas Jaradastaya Ha”

The Groom promises the bride that hereon their family will be his utmost priority. He thanks his bride for making his life full of happiness and good fortune.  He further prays to God to bless them with obedient children.

Guide by Hindu wedding priest

Bride’s Promise: “Lalayami Cha Pade Vadet.”

The bride promises to love her husband and shower him with joy and happiness. She says she will stick by him through thick and thin.

The fourth phera is for the couple to promise each other that they will shower happiness, love, and respect on each other.

Also, here is all you need to know about Hindu wedding rituals and customs.

5) 7 Vows Of Hindu wedding Saptapadi: 5th Phera Signifies – Progeny And Children

Guide by the priest for a wedding

Groom: “Om Prajabhayaha Santu Jaradastayaha”

The Groom prays to the Almighty for healthy, obedient, righteous, and brave children. He promises that he and his better half will be good parents and will raise the children well and provide them with all necessities. Further, the groom promises the bride that he will nourish their relationship with respect and love and expresses gratitude for her presence in his life.

Guide by Hindu wedding priest

Bride: “Arte Arba Sapade Vadet”

To this, the bride responds that she will trust him, love him, and respect him till her last breath. Promises that her happiness lies in his happiness and she will build a happy home for their children.

The fifth phera is all about praying for noble and loving children. The couple wishes and promises to each other to lead a love-filled life, support their dreams, and accept them for who they are.

Hindu wedding saptapadi - seven vows-wedding priest - Hindu wedding -wedding priest - wedding priest london - www.hindupriestketuljoshi.co.uk

6) 7 Vows Of Marriage: 6th Phera Signifies – Health And Happiness

Guide by a Hindu priest

Groom: “Rutubhyah Shat Padi Bhava”

For the sixth phera, the groom expresses that he is overwhelmed with joy that his bride is taking the sixth phera with him. He asks the bride if she promises to fill his heart with the same happiness for a lifetime.

Guide by Hindu wedding priest

Bride: “Yajna Hom Shashthe Vacho Vadet”

The bride promises to be always by his side and stand together through all the joys and sorrows of life.

The sixth phera is all about happy and harmonious life together. It gives the groom the opportunity to tell his bride the depth of his love and the happiness he has felt after finding her. While the bride affirms her affection towards the groom and promises to stand by him forever.

7) Vows Of Hindu wedding Saptapadi: 7th Phera Signifies – Love And Friendship

Guide by Hindu wedding priest

Groom: “Om Sakhi Jaradastayahga”

The groom declares each other as man and wife by reciting the mantra. He promises his wife that he is hers and she is his for eternity. With the last phera, he promises that they both will be a single entity and that he will be devoted to her.

Guide by priest for a wedding

Bride: “Attramshe Sakshino Vadet Pade”

The bride accepts the vow and promises, with God and the holy fire being our witness, she is now his wife. She vows to live and love with honor and cherish each other forever. She proclaims that she will do all the possible things to keep up the promises that have been made during the holy rituals.

In the seventh and the last phera together, the couple seals the bond and promises to be faithful companions.

The couple takes seven full circles, walking clockwise around the Agni, representing the seven principles and promises they make to each other; each step is referred to as a ‘phere’ and guided by a Hindu priest. They are tied together with the dupattas, or chunis, from the Granthi Bandhanam ritual, which is used to keep the couple united as they make their rounds. Although there is no literal part of the ceremony that represents the Western mentality of vow exchanging, these seven steps parallel that ideal in that the couple ‘vows’ to successfully fulfill these principles during their married life.

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