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Hindu priest for a wedding-Big day of your life

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In this article, I am going to tell you how to choose the best Hindu priest in the UK, or Hindu wedding priest Uk/priest for a wedding or Hindu priest for weddings. and some FAQs about Hindu priests UK/priest for weddings, What questions you should ask the Hindu priest or wedding priest/Hindu priest for a wedding before your wedding?

When you are planning for your wedding, first you need to find a Hindu priest for the wedding. Just think you did all the preparation and in the last, you Couldn’t find a wedding priest or Hindu priest for the wedding…LOL !!  Without a wedding priest/Hindu priest, your wedding will not be complete.

So first try to find a wedding priest or Hindu priest for the wedding then start other preparations. make sure your actual wedding ceremony is the best it can be. The main role plays the Wedding priest/Hindu wedding priest. Even if you might have the best Hindu wedding priest family members in your circle, sometimes you want some different Hindu priest for a wedding for various Experiences. Hindu wedding priest cost UK/ Hindu wedding priest cost UK depends on Hindu wedding priest UK and locations.

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ADVANCED TIP: In a Hindu wedding, it is Ritual to have an open fire or havan at the mandap. Some of the venues may not be open to a ceremonial fire. Certain wedding venues do not allow flame because of the fire code. Other venues have time restrictions. Make sure to discuss the traditions of your wedding with the venue coordinator in advance before proceeding with the booking.


How you should arrange a wedding priest officiant for a Hindu wedding?

If you or your relatives don’t have a family Hindu priest near me or a Hindu wedding priest Uk or priest for a wedding/wedding priest, then you can contact the nearest Hindu priest near me local temple with details of the wedding date and venue to understand your options. or Now in this digital world, you can find on Google the highest reviews and ratings. you should ask about confirmation procedures, advance deposits required, and the cancellation or postponement process. Generally, you need to arrange at least two meetings to finalize the wedding priest/priest for the wedding.

How do you choose a wedding priest?

A good Indian wedding priest/priest for a wedding does Hindu weddings monthly and knows how to balance your big day with the customs that are so important to you, your family & guests as well. wedding priests can be funny, traditional, informative, and can make Interesting your wedding ceremony.

Knowledgeable: Choose the best Hindu wedding priests/priests for a wedding who have sound knowledge of the customs and traditions of your religion. It’s helpful to work with that wedding priest or Hindu wedding priest Uk or priest for a wedding who either already understands your customs or will quickly understand and figure out how to weave them in. Wedding priests or Hindu priests for wedding Ceremonies must have knowledge of shlokas, mantras, and one-by-one rituals of a wedding.

Professional: A courteous and professional wedding priest will add to the ambiance at the wedding. You will need a Hindu wedding priest Uk who is fully prepared, communicates with all of the pooja samagri needed, and arrives on time in order to ensure a hassle-free wedding.

Experienced: Ask for Indian priests wedding priests who have prior experience in Gujarati/Marathi/Punjabi weddings or South Indian weddings. If you have family traditions that you wish to follow then make sure to communicate these to your priest before the wedding day.

While booking a Hindu wedding priest/priest for a wedding make sure you mention any pre-wedding or post-wedding pujas that you want him or her to conduct.

Don’t want to read and just need to book the best Hindu wedding priest?  We have the most experienced, courteous, and professional wedding priest ketul Joshi.

Which questions should you ask the wedding priest before the wedding?

That doesn’t matter which trends or ceremonies you follow, every wedding trend is different. This holds true even for the Indian wedding priest.

You may ask the following questions before the wedding to the wedding priest/priest for a wedding :

– If you are getting married in a temple, then you may ask whether you would be allowed to take photographs at the temple premises.

Some temples may not allow photography or videography.

– For a temple wedding, ask the priest for a wedding about décor possibilities also, mainly floral decorations; alterations in décor that you are allowed to do; the charges for the décor updates; and if you can see the décor beforehand.

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Hindu priest – Indian priests – hindu priest – wedding priest –

– Discuss the charges for a wedding ceremony.

– What pooja samaan is the wedding priest (Hindu wedding priest UK) responsible and what items should the family/couple arrange for?

– What are the auspicious dates and times available for the wedding? Can we opt for our own choice of date and timing instead of following the mahurat?

  • Hindu wedding priest cost Uk ask about Hindu wedding priest cost as every Hindu priest Uk takes a different charge for a Hindu wedding ceremony.

What languages do Hindu priests speak?

Sanskrit is generally what the rituals are performed in. 

However, most wedding priests will translate this into Hindi, Gujarati, or English.

Make sure your wedding priest has knowledge about the language that you are comfortable with.

How long does a Hindu wedding ceremony take a Hindu priest to last?

While traditional Hindu weddings could easily be 3-4 hours, contemporary weddings can be cut down to 1-2 hours, depending on the rituals.

Do Hindu priests offer various services?

Yes, the Indian wedding priest/priest for wedding offers many services, It depends on the Hindu priest, some Hindu priest provides limited services some wedding priest has all over knowledge so they can provide all Hindu ritual services.

wedding priest or Hindu priest Uk/priest for wedding Ketul Joshi provides the below services.

wedding priest services: wedding ceremony, Funeral Services, Griha Pravesh, Nava Griha Pooja, Satyanarayan Katha, Gayatri Hawan, Astrology services, Sagai Vidhi, Baby shower, Janoi vidhi, Randal maaa na lota, Shiv Puja, Bhagvat Sapta, Garud Puran.

How long does a Hindu wedding ceremony last?

While traditional Hindu weddings could easily be 3-4 hours, contemporary weddings can be completed within 1-2 hours. Depends on the wedding priest. In the UK, generally, Hindu weddings start in the morning or early afternoon and end in time for lunch. Hindu wedding priest cost also depends on how long the ceremony takes.

Do you have to arrange items for the puja ceremony?

For the Grah-Shanti havan or Ganesh puja and the main wedding ceremony, your wedding priest may give you a list of items. Discuss with your wedding priest if he can arrange for the items or whether you are responsible. It will be difficult to find a havan kund, wood for the ceremonial fire, or a special type of coconut last minute, so make sure you and the officiant are prepared.

How should you prepare for the pandit’s meals?

Usually, the Hindu wedding priest will have a meal pure vegetarian without any onions or garlic and something sweet or prasad from the ceremony. Make sure you understand the specifications and talk to your caterer about special preparation for Hindu wedding priests.

Do they remember to use the mic?

A lot of wedding priests forget that beyond the 5 people in the mandap, 200 other people are watching, trying to follow the proceedings and not fall asleep.

Make sure your Indian wedding priest for the wedding remembers to engage with the sound system. because wedding priests must have sound systems otherwise guests won’t be able to hear to wedding priest properly.

How Much Does a Hindu wedding priest cost or an Indian wedding priest in the UK?

For a Hindu wedding ceremony, most Indian wedding priests cost/priest for a wedding

between £800 To £3500. 

If you’re having a destination wedding you’ll have to add on travel and accommodation. A traditional Hindu wedding is a beautiful three-day ceremony filled with meaningful rituals that have been practiced for hundreds of years. However, the cost of hosting guests and providing catering and décor for multiple days can add up quickly. Indian wedding priest cost mostly depends on the local Hindu pandit and your location area.

wedding priest - hindu wedding priest- Hindu priest perfoming Mandap Vidhi.
wedding – Mandap vidhi

Can a wedding priest officiate an online wedding ceremony?

Yes, during these pandemic situations, an Indian priest for a wedding can officiate your wedding on a Zoom call in the presence of witnesses. Just coordinate with your wedding priest and make sure you have the right technology set up to support the virtual wedding.

Which rituals will the Wedding priest perform at a wedding?

The wedding priest will be in charge of conducting the following rituals, but you should always let him (the wedding priest) know of any additional pujas or rituals.


Ganesh pooja or Sundar kand

Mangni or engagement

In addition, a ceremony may also be required for Mehendi (henna) or chooda ceremony where the bride wears red bangles given to her by her maternal uncle


wedding priest will play the main role on the wedding day as only the wedding priest will guide and perform all ceremonies and rituals.

– Havan or sacred fire,

– Jaimala or exchanging of garlands,

– Kanyadan (giving the bride away),

– Gath Bandhan or tying the wedding knot,

– Mangal Pheras or Saptapadi (walking around the fire and taking seven vows),

– Applying sindoor or red powder on the bride’s center parting of hair by the groom.

wedding priest - hindu wedding priest - indian wedding priest - hindu priest uk Hindu priest performing wedding ceremony.
Hindu priest

Understanding Hindu Wedding Traditions

A Hindu wedding ritual is steeped in tradition, and the rituals are important to the culture of the couple and the couple’s family. Because of this, learning a bit about what to expect at a Hindu wedding ceremony can be important if you are new to all of it.


Marriage is not a contract, a wedding is considered one of the sixteen traditional sacraments. As such the concept of divorce does not exist. wedding is a Holy bond between husband and wife. after the complete wedding ceremony, the bride and groom take blessings from God, the wedding priest,  parents, and relatives.

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