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10 questions to ask your Wedding officiant/Hindu wedding priest

10 questions to ask your Wedding officient/Hindu wedding priest - Hindu wedding -wedding priest - wedding priest london - www.hindupriestketuljoshi.co.uk

As a Hindu priest, I am often asked many questions from couples about their wedding. Many times, I find there are certain questions that are reoccurring. Below is a list of the most common questions and my humble attempts to answer them. here are some questions that you need to ask your Wedding officiant/Hindu wedding priest.

1) We are not sure what the wedding entails and what we have to do.

I (Wedding officiant/Hindu wedding priest)offer a full consultation service, in person, with the couple (and family if you wish). I will provide you with a list of items we need for the wedding and I (wedding priest) will explain the different steps of the ceremony and what you will have to do.

I (Wedding officiant/Hindu wedding priest or Hindu priest for wedding ceremony)am happy to incorporate different family traditions into the wedding, without compromising on the essentials. I will tailor the ceremony to make sure everyone is happy.

The idea is to leave all the hard work and technical aspects to the Hindu wedding priest/wedding priest. This frees you up to enjoy the day as much as possible because it is one less thing for you to worry about. You can go into the wedding with the peace of mind that everyone knows what they are doing and enable the ceremony to run smoothly and without hitches.

2) Will you be able to perform the wedding ceremony in English?

Yes I can, The Hindu priest for weddings Ketul Joshi ( Hindu priest UK/wedding priest ) is fluent in performing the ceremonies in English, Gujarati, and Hindi.

When you are getting married, you need a good Hindu priest. This is my job to do traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies by following the rituals.

Hindu Priest UK/wedding priest has knowledge of all rituals of Hindu priests/wedding priest for wedding services.

I can explain the meaning of the Sanskrit mantras in English from the old Vedic holy book. Couples going to get married, their family, and friends who are present at a Hindu Wedding for the first time will find it very instructive and educational. The aim is to give a clear appreciation of the deep meaning of the rituals being performed.

3) Are you happy to perform the ceremony for inter-faith relationships because my partner is not a Hindu?

Yes, I am very happy to do this. I find inter-faith marriages are more and more common and no longer the taboo that they would have been 20-30 years ago. 

The Hindu wedding ceremony is about the union of two souls. Lord Krishna explains in the Bhagavad Gita that the soul is spiritual and equal to all beings. Therefore, because the Hindu marriage ceremony is the binding of two souls, religion, race, nationality or any other external consideration is absolutely no factor whatsoever.

I have been teaching Hinduism to people from all cultures for nearly 25 years as a Hindu priest/wedding priest and I can happily explain the ceremony in a fun and easily understandable way for all the guests that may not have ever experienced a Hindu wedding before.

4) How long does the ceremony take? 

On average around 1hr 30mins to 1hr 45mins but can be a little shorter if requested.

5) Our wedding venue is far away, when will you come? 

Depending on the location I will come on the day itself, a couple of hours before to set up, make sure everything is in place, and greet the guests and family. Or, I can stay the night near the location to ensure I am there bright and early the next morning.

6) What are your dietary requirements?

I am a strict vegetarian, which includes no fish or eggs.

Fish – although not considered meat by some schools of thought, the Vedas explain it is a living animal and thus should not be eaten by a Hindu priest.

Eggs – have the potential to be life and thus along with fish, should be avoided.

7) We will serve meat and alcohol at the venue, will you still be our wedding priest?

Yes. However, I cannot eat there unless there is a pure vegetarian menu.

8) Will you perform other ceremonies and havans?

Eventually yes. I am offering the Wedding ceremonies, Satyanarayan Katha, Gayatri havan, astrology services, Grih Pravesh puja, Sagai Vidhi, Baby shower, Janoi vidhi, Randal maa na lota, Shiv Puja, Bhagvat Sapta, Hindu Funeral services, Garud Puran, etc. I have proper guidance about all Hindu rituals. I can help to provide you with a proper ceremony with beneficial for your future, home, and office. 

Invite me to your home community for Bhajans, Satsangs, or any Katha. Shree Bhagwat Katha, Bhagwad Gita, Bhagwad Prasadi, Shree Vishnu Puran, Ram Katha, Ramayan Katha Saar, Amrut Dhara, Shiv Maha Puran, Shiv Swarodaya, Shiv Gita, Sansar Gita, Garud Puran, Devi Bhagvat, Chandi Path, Sai Charitra.

9) Is there anything we need to learn?

No. You may familiarise yourself with the vows but everything you need to say or do will be instructed to you by the priest during the ceremony. In essence, the bride and groom simply sit within the mandap and allow the ceremony to happen around them. 

10) What are the different functions/events at an Indian Wedding?

13 Unique Hindu Wedding Traditions or Functions

  1. Misri 2.Sangeet party 3.Mehendi 4. Haldi ceremony 5. Mandap 6. Stop thieves 7. Lighting the fire 8. Laaja homa 9. Mangal sutra 10. Mangal pheras 11. Saptapadi 12. Saying goodbye 13. Starting a new journey. call now Hindu priest/wedding priest Ketul Joshi at +44 079 0373 5365 to book the most precious day of your life.

10) Are you willing to travel to a location where we decide anywhere in the world?

Yes, I am traveling all over the world, If you are doing destination weddings then it might be more charge than normal.

why is Hindu wedding priest Ketul Joshi only?

– Extensive knowledge of Hindu rituals.

– Specialised in Hindu wedding ceremonies.

– Language – Hindi/English/Gujarati/Sanskrit.

– Kind, Friendly, Flexible & Affordable.

– Google Reviews – 4.7/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

When selecting a Hindu wedding priest, it is important to consider their experience, knowledge of Hindu customs and rituals, and availability on your wedding date. It is also a good idea to schedule an initial consultation with the wedding priest to discuss your wedding ceremony and any specific requirements you may have.

Overall, a Hindu wedding in the UK can be a beautiful and culturally rich experience that combines the best of Indian traditions with the local customs and laws of the UK.

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