January 22 2021

Hindu Wedding

The Indian traditional weddings Carry a lot of ceremonies and it is one of the most exciting and dreamlike occasions in anyone’s lifetime. And it is all the more exciting and gets a lot of emotional bonding when you are in some foreign location like UK (United Kingdom), London, Harrow. Because this is the time when your distant relatives from India visit you. Hindu traditions are one of the finest in the world and that very thing brings India to being a global nation (for example – Hindu weddings in the UK ). Indians who have settled abroad a century back have touched base in India for some of the other rituals. India is the place where there are faith and religion and even foreigners have started learning the importance of traditionalism and some have also started following Hindu dharma.

Hindu weddings in the UK, the date and the time of the wedding have a crucial role to play. For any event to take place, Hindus pre-determine a time and date, which is generally decided by a Hindu priest (Hindu pandit for wedding). An auspicious time, which is known as a muhurta, is fixed for the Hindu wedding, using the couple’s date of birth. The muhurta is calculated by a Hindu priest, according to the planetary positions. The gotra, or the ancestral lineage, is announced as a Hindu wedding is not supposed to take place within the same clan or lineage. Once the muhurta is fixed then starts all the hustle-bustle of the wedding. Wedding venues are fixed, the guest list is made, wedding clothes & jewelry shopping begins. After muhurta set by the Indian wedding priest, wedding card designs are checkout and catering vendors are looked after and all the family members are on their toes as a lot of work goes in a Big fat Indian Wedding!

The wedding ceremony is considered to signify the union of two souls, two families. Before the other rituals of the wedding begin, the Hindu priest invokes the nine planets, each of which blesses the couple for leading a happy life together. This ceremony is called Graha Shanti. The Mandapa is a traditional structure for any type of ritual to be performed. It is all that the Hindu Priest needs to perform the marriage. It is traditionally made of wood and is sacred, so no one may put their shoes on it. The bride, groom, parents from both families and the priest enter the structure. Rice also played a major role in the ceremony. In Western tradition, rice was thrown at a newlywed couple as a symbol of fertility. However, in the Hindu tradition, rice represents sustenance. Guests were invited to the mandap to throw sprinklings of turmeric-colored rice on Padma and Joe as a blessing. Offerings of puffed rice were poured into the sacred fire, which the Hindu priest kept burning by dousing occasionally with ghee, or clarified butter. A Hindu wedding includes three or four days of ceremonies, in which the couple is united forever by a Hindu priest who advises them, guides them in rituals for good luck, and gives them every blessing for the future. Hindu priests attach a great deal of importance to marriages.

As a Hindu pandit for weddings, while meeting with couples who wanted to call us for all the Hindu rituals, I realized there was a common theme. Most of them had no idea what the Hindu wedding was all about, the meaning behind all of the ceremony’s rituals, and what they were doing on the wedding day. At weddings as a UK Hindu priest, I’d see family members and guests also confused about various rituals. Because many Hindu pundits only performed the ceremonies in Sanskrit (the ancient Hindu language), those who didn’t speak the language were naturally lost. So, many of the weddings had printed guides to inform guests about what they’re watching. While some Hindu ceremonies can be dry, but KetulJoshi (UK Hindu Priest) makes it exciting by explaining all steps and keeping it light and engaging for all. Most importantly, a Hindu priest needs to have immense experience in performing rituals of all castes in the Hindu religion. Undoubtedly, a priest is someone who has a significant role to play in any Indian wedding, after the groom and bride. You are doing yourself a disservice if you are planning on having a Hindu ceremony and you do not at least inquire about Ketul Joshi as he is one of the best Hindu wedding priests in the UK and Harrow (London) as well.

It’s crucial to choose a suitable Indian wedding priest to conduct your wedding ceremony. The Hindu priest can either make or break the wedding ceremony- it all rests in the hands of the Hindu pandit for the wedding. But most people leave the task of selecting the wedding priest last. It shouldn’t be so. Therefore, it’s necessary that you have to start as early as possible so that you get the right wedding priest to follow your wedding ceremony. Qualified Hindu wedding priest like Ketul Joshi has years of training both in Hindu Vedas as well as scriptures. Hindu priest for wedding makes sure that the wedding rites are performed successfully. Ketul Joshi as an Indian wedding priest london performs the wedding ceremony based on the rites inscribed on the Vedas and ensures that the ceremony progresses from one ritual to the next. Performing rituals during the wedding ceremony is a time-consuming process. Therefore, when you choose a Hindu priest, you need to priorities experience more than anything. Our wedding priest Ketul Joshi has immense experience in conducting Hindu weddings. Wedding priest Ketul Joshi is an experienced hand, who has managed many Hindu weddings to date.

Indian wedding priest cost in the UK is for the Ganesh Puja, Mandvo, Pithi, Janoi, and/or Grah Shanti Vidhi. Indian wedding priest cost in the UK depends on if the ceremony is held on the same day as the wedding or the previous day of the wedding ceremony.

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